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Wildcrafted sea moss (or sustainable ocean-farmed sea moss) is harvested in a very eco-friendly way, meaning harvesters take only parts of the sea moss plant, so the plant can regrow as to sustained wildlife.  (This could change if the demand increases and it becomes over-commercialized).  It is how sea moss naturally grows devoid of any human intervention.

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Meet Perfection

  1. Commonly grown in warm water climates.  This variety typically comes from places like South America, the Caribbean (St. Lucia and Jamaica), and Africa. 

  2. Typically a golden color.  Normally this sea moss is golden (due to being naturally dried in the sun), but can also vary in color, like purple (known as purple sea moss). The structure of this sea moss has a thin “rubbery” fingered string like tops.

  3. It’s still very high in minerals and nutrients. Though Irish Moss (Chondrus Crispus) is said to be higher in nutrients, Genus Gracilaria is virtually neck and neck with Irish Moss. This sea moss has a fresh seawater smell (not as fishy) and produces a lighter gel.

  4. Typically less expensive and easier to find. You will see more videos of companies and people selling and using this variety of sea moss because it’s easier to source since (from my current knowledge) it’s not limited to just one season.