Affirmations & Confirmations of Baby Daddy Parenting

Affirmations & Confirmations of Baby Daddy Parenting
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A wake-up call, an opportunity for every father, daddy, to initiate a parent/child relationship. This workbook takes you through your child’s birth, adolescence years, adult years and beyond. You and your child will have an opportunity to work through some very tough questions while embracing the opportunity to understand, forgive, and grow. There is no perfect road map for parenting, which means there is no right way nor wrong way to parent. You do your best under the conditions and circumstances you’re faced with. This Baby Daddy workbook allows you to revisit moments of parenting with the idea of sharing your thought process at that time and your child will do the same. This begins to allow for conversations to form. These conversations can be used as tools towards future growth and progression. Baby Daddy is not a workbook you will complete overnight but a tool to be used daily, weekly, monthly, and even yearly towards building a sound relationship between daddy and child.