6.5 oz. Red Lava Hair & Skin Detox Masque

6.5 oz. Red Lava Hair & Skin Detox Masque

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Red Lava Hair & Skin Detox Masque is a shampoo, and conditioner all in one. Enjoy the benefits of a rich antioxidant made by nature in the Atlas Mountains. This masque removes free radicals, smooths hair shaft and releases the coil pattern in natural hair as well as deep cleans the skin with results of a soft moisturized feeling.

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How to use:

Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb. Part hair into four sections. Using a spray bottle containing water spray the entire first section that you will start on then part the hair into small sections (sometimes you may have to spray each parted section to ensure that the hair is fully saturated). Next apply Shaki By Nature Skin & Hair Detox Masque using fingers start at the hair ends working your way towards the roots of the hair until you reach the scalp. You will feel slip immediately (if not add more water and or more masque). Perform this technique throughout the course of the entire head. Once completely applied spray with water for moisture, then place a plastic cap on the hair for 35 minutes under a low heated dryer or if not using a dryer 45 minutes. Rinse out immediately making sure to remove all clay from your hair and scalp. Next follow up with Shaki By Nature Original Hair & Skin Butter to moisturize or Shaki By Nature Cupuacu Butter for a natural texture effect. Then style as usual.