1 oz. Shaki By Nature Chebe Oil for Hair

1 oz. Shaki By Nature Chebe Oil for Hair

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Shaki By Nature Chebe Oil for Hair is for Naturalists who want to experience the ultimate moisturizing, stretch, and strengthening of the hair. Excellent for dry and brittle hair.

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Shaki By Nature 1 oz. Chebe Oil for Hair

Shaki By Nature’s Chebe Oil is processed with 100% Authentic Chad Chebe. Chebe is mixed with organic sweet almond oil for a hair moisturizing ritual that is unlike any other. Shaki By Nature Chebe Oil is excellent for daily use and protective hair styling. Using this oil on 4c Natural hair will immediately loosen the coil pattern and when added to braids and twists you will see the coil pattern release to a beautiful soft wave pattern once the hair style is dried. Shaki By Nature Chebe Oil strengthens the hair, conditions, and adds the right amount of moisture to damp or dry hair while giving the ultimate hair stretch for preparation before styling.

How to use: Appy Shaki By Nature Chebe Oil to dry or damp hair and style as usual.

Ingredients: 100% Authentic Chad Chebe, Organic Sweet Almond Oil

WARNING: This product contains nut by products. Perform a 48 hour patch test prior to use to check for allergies.