4 oz Byah-Byah Beard Oil

4 oz Byah-Byah Beard Oil

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Shaki By Nature Byah-Byah Beard Oil is a one of kind moisturizing, and conditioning oil designed by Ashaki International, LLC for beard lovers. Byah-Byah Beard Oil softens beard hairs for easy brushing without the tangles. The natural essential oils give the beard a refreshing soft scented smell.

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Shaki By Nature Byah Byah Beard Oil promotes beard growth and is filled with antioxidants provided by organic and essential oils such as Amla, and Lavender. Protects against beard and mustache dryness. Promotes shine.


Wash your beard with Shaki By Nature Red Lava Hair & Skin Detox. Giving it a proper massage.

  1. Towel dry when finished. Use a blow dryer if needed.

  2. Apply Shaki By Nature Byah-Byah Beard Oil on dry (not wet) beard by squeezing the desired amount into palm of hand. Rub hands together and apply to beard and mustache from the root to the ends.

  3. Use beard brush to distribute oil evenly across beard.

  4. Relax and enjoy a clean and refreshing softly scented beard.