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About Ashaki Intl.

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Ashaki International, LLC created Shaki By Nature hair & skin products for African Americans and people of color to eradicate the exposure of Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals (EDCs) in hair & skin care products with the inspiration of decreasing our race’s high rates of cancer.  

It is imperative that we as people of color become educated on how to detoxify these toxins from our body and hair in order to live a healthy lifestyle. The most important way to avoid EDCs in hair and skin care products is to read product ingredients and cross check them with the free smart phone app: Detox Me by Silent Institution.  Another way to combat EDCs is to detox our hair and skin regularly with Shaki By Nature hair & skin care products.

After surviving breast cancer in 2015, Gwendetta Jones, the CEO of Ashaki International, LLC and creator of “Shaki” Hair and Skin products wanted to assure that her clients and family members would never have to worry about sulfates, parabens, harsh preservatives, and other harmful toxins in today’s hair and skin care products. She worked hard and researched to develop products that are organic and direct creations of nature.

While developing products Mrs. Jones was determined to give her company a name that was true to its creation and purpose. She pondered until she finally decided upon Ashaki International, LLC which translates to “Beautiful,” yet “Powerful and Complete” with International representing world-renowned. Hence, today we have the Shaki By Nature Hair & Skin Detox care line.